Recently a friend of mine sent me a Facebook post about “Forgiveness”  that Vic Feazell had posted on his page.  His son,  our son together, Gregory Feazell, wrote something about “forgiveness and forgetting”,  VF writes back,  “Never forget”.

This is the ordained Baptist Minister,  Vic Feazell.  This is the Vic Feazell that sent Bill Johnston $500,  and bought a massage for Don Hall.  These people were his enemies,  I mean REAL ones.  Vic was indicted after a Federal Grand Jury heard from one Bill Johnston.  Hall,  a former law partner of Feazell testified against him in a RICO trial.

Vic it seems is now into unicorns and sentimental,  “recover the past”, stories of himself thinly veiled as “Ike Turner”, in his self published book series,  “Rhinos, Sharks, and Unicorns”.

Oh,  this sounds like a bitter ex wife,  hello,  yes,  I am Bernadette Feazell.

You thought I was dead?

Well, if drowning in hypocrisy was a “Cause of Death”,  I’dve been gone since bout 2002.

Vic just can’t seem to “forgive” his heroin addicted son from stealing some bronzes, guns, and a coffee machine from the office where they both worked in 2015.

Heroin addict, ohmygawd!

Yeah,  no shit.  Sucks.  Very isolating.

How the hell did that happen?

Greg always had a proclivity for experimentation.  When he was about nine,  Vic caught him with Nyquil.


Let me just take all the blame here,  I will,   I know in my Catholic guilt tucked away it’s got to be MY fault.  I am not a Narcissist,  I hate myself.  I love my son.  That said,  I wasn’t alone.

Vic Feazell became law partners with Carl Parker and Mr. World,  Marc Rosenthal.

The ones on the phone book cover all the years.  The other guy with dyed black hair.


Did I like it.  Hell, no.  Did I have a say,  “No”.

Vic starts bodybuilding with Mr. World,  he’s on something called GHB,  he gets Vic on it.    Life went to hell,  very quickly,  and the whole thing scared me to death.  Vic got scary.  Mean and scary.

Stop.  Let me forgive myself.  My mother had Alzheimer’s and was dying,  Greg was a handful,  Vic was true hell.  Yea, all that money.

This shit was in my frig.  Tasteless,  odorless,  colorless, and from what I could see,  Vic and some of his little friends,  the OTHER RHINOS characters,  were stupid as hell and I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

The whole thing and keeping up appearances,  which I liked,  don’t get me wrong,  just got to be too much,  to frightening.  My mother had died and I didn’t have to take his shit anymore.  He was humiliating me and himself and, the worst part,    he    wouldn’t   stop.  No.  Would not stop.

What the hell is “GHB”?  Exactly.  Look it up,  I’ve tried explaining it in emergency rooms throughout the South, and Mexico.  I have also explained it to MANY rehabs.

No,  I don’t and didn’t do that shit.

Who’dve been there to try to save these two idiots from what they were doing on this shit?  Vic’s life was ruined,  I had enough,  he was on his own and on GHB and other things.

One of my friends told me he gave her some GHB and she passed out in his bathtub and almost drowned.

Greg already had drug problems when in 2013,  he got hit by a car while he was on foot somewhere in Bruceville-Eddy.

Broken leg, clavicle, brain surgery,  subdural hematoma of left temporal love.  Natasha Richardson died from that one.

Because I had been trying to get to the truth about the Lake Murders,  Vic and Truman with some help from Sherre Johnston,  Vic’s secretary, and others,  became
“crazy”.  So crazy that Vic believed his own b.s. and didn’t ask me how I thought Greg’s treatment should go.  He took it all on himself.

We had to meet up face to face and Scott and White and I urged Vic to take Greg’s case because he had been hit by a car on foot and they thought Greg was a “transient” and Greg needed legal representation.  OF course Vic would represent his soon.  Come on.

Vic wanted to charge his full fee,  everyone agreed.

Greg had surgery after surgery,  he got a “donor part” at the fancy Austin hospital on Bee Caves, and Vic was his lawyer.

Which meant Vic got ALL Greg’s medical records,  including several overdoses and emergencies from HEROIN in Laredo, Texas.

When Greg got better,  Vic had him work at the LOVF,  offices of Vic Feazell.

Vic was still Greg’s lawyer.

Greg was on heroin,     working for Vic,  living on Edmond Street.

Greg tells Vic he stole and pawned some stuff from Vic’s office and gives Vic the pawn tickets where he had been paying on them.

I had not seen Greg in three weeks when he came to my apartment and the police came and arrested him here on 21st. street.  Seems Vic had been “tracking” Greg’s phone and decided to have the police pick him up here to make a spectacle for me.

Cute.  That’s how he works.

Okay,  I was “too late smart” at best,  needed a hero image,  or maybe no one came to me with the REAL evidence except Fred Dannen.


That did it.

Come on.

Look it up on this site,  I can’t stand to talk about it,  I’m already worked up.

Greg Feazell goes to jail.

What idiot wouldn’t think that the press would put it in the news?  Duhhh.  Vic.  He knew I had Greg’s phone and texted that he wasn’t happy about “Paul Gately’s coverage”.

Well,  you slept with his wife back when so why should he I wanted to write because,  he did,  yes,  he knows,  I told Gately.

No,  I’m not nice.

Gately and I were sent to the kitchen to make guacamole while Sandy and Vic went off to talk about a case?  Oh, hell. no.  I shared my suffering in 1996.

Four months later, I talked to Sue Pauley, about getting the money together for his bond and she surprised me by paying it and getting him out.  I cried,  what a woman to do this for me!  Sue Pauley,  I am humbled by your kindness.

Notice it’s kindness from a WOMAN.

Vic writes Abel Reyna three letters,  he sends me and Greg copies,  “put Greg in prison for 5 years”,  “put Greg on probation”,  on and on.  Finally,  poor Reyna just drops the case,  they had no case.


Vic could quote Nietsche, he taught me this one and I have never forgotten it.

Greg’s life was ruined here and he got into more trouble,  no felonies,  just pesky drug addict misdemeanors nothing violent.

Greg and I tried to make it on my Social Security and the odd jobs he could get after Google put up shots and info of Greg’s arrest,  of course, no information on dropping the case, so he could not get a job.

Finally,  Greg got on a bus and went to Mexico.  He and I used to live there.  I didn’t want him in jail at his young age back then for the same b.s. as now,  I wanted help.  I’m his mother.

Yeah,  yeah,  he’d already been to La Hacienda.

He’d been to “The Pavillion” also.

Vic had been to “The Pavillion” for sexual addiction,   yes,  holier than thou Vic Feazell,  in 1999,  he donated a gazebo to them.  I bitched about them on YELP.

Rehab United States,   at least $14K a month back then.

In Mexico I had Greg put in rehab for months,  not this one month bull,  never helped.  MONTHS.  I had money,  the Mexicans kept him in the rehab.

Ask him.  He still hates me for it.

By this time,  you see,  I know the truth about the Lake Murder,  Truman has shredded the truck and I am just incredulous.  I am insulted.  I am drowning in hypocrisy.

Greg’s a Mexican citizen,  he’s happy there,  currently drug free and I am relieved and reflective.

It’s hard to be totally truthful when you are ashamed of yourself and don’t even know what to say about a son or daughter on hard drugs.  Nothing prepared me in life for it.  We didn’t have heroin in Taylor in 1954.

Vic hasn’t talked to Greg now in almost two years.

Vic moved here to Waco after he found out the DNA had been run and was too degraded.  He thought it was over so he came back to Waco.

In 2014 I testified that Vic had taken the Graf trial boxes home with him and given them to Roger Conger’s wife at a Hearing.

Vic Feazell called me a “liar” and the newspaper said that the general consensus was that indeed I was a bitter woman and obviously lying.

Vic called me a liar in the paper in June of 2002 also.

He tells people I’m upset because he cheated on me and I don’t have

any money.

I hate him because he brought GHB into the life of a pretty good old

girl,  who’d stood by his dumbass through a RICO case.  Then he just left me with it and when I questioned him and Truman about Spence,  I became “crazy” and they both began a long routine of saying and doing things about  me,  and Greg too.

A lot of my money was misspent and I was stupid,  but most of it went to rehabs,  hospitals, and car wrecks,  Vic knows this.  He just doesn’t want to accept his GHB involvement,  being a HERO is important to him,  very.

Narcissists have a deep desire to be loved by many people.

Since I vocally said,  “they didn’t do it’,  I have found it hard to even find ONE person.

Now I find that soon there is a HEARING in Austin,  soon,  we will see if Walter Reaves will give the tape recordings of Vic, Truman, Ned Butler, Dennis Green, Jim Barlow, Chuck Youts and others to be played in open court.

See,  Reaves doesn’t have those tapes.  Fred Dannen does.

Yeah,  the writer who signed a paralegal agreement with Walter Reaves has the incriminating tapes and won’t give them to Reaves.  He thinks they are all his “work product”.

EVERYONE involved wants to own the story.

Vic’s version,  Truman’s version,  Dannen,  they will all go to their graves hanging on to their parts of it not caring what the truth is.

Tamron Davis wrote yesterday on “Waco History in Pictures”,  “Bernadette, your ex is a douchebag”.  I feel so much better.  I thought people liked him and believed everything in Careless Whispers.

Women encouraged me to go forward and get the truth.


They ask me why they haven’t heard about this stuff before.

I have been a bit quiet,  trying to protect a son from the wrath of his dad who I think does things to hurt me via Greg because there’s just nothing much more he can do to me.  I’m numb.

Truman Shredded the truck.

My heart is broken.

It went on in front of me.

I believed them so long that now they are mad because I don’t anymore.  My mom’s dead,  my son is in Mexico and I am no longer distracted.

I am lonely for my son who can’t come back to McLennan County,  he has been gone a year but I remember how much freedom meant to a young 35 year old man who turned 36 in Federal Court facing 86 years for RICO.

If you look on this blog you will see where Vic wrote in saying I was “crazy’.  See,  he knows I’m Harry,  he’s just surprised Harry would print his letter.

Take a look at Vic’s website,  all mention of Bernadette Feazell has been removed from the site,  including the Walter Smith testimony.  There you will see no photos of Bernadette Feazell and a four year old Gregory Feazell being taken out of a pancake house by Greg Rampton of the FBI.

Gregory Feazell,  age 4, was taken out of

THE KETTLE with his mom by the FBI on

September 17, 1986.


You know what else you won’t find on Vic’s website anymore?

Pictures of Gilbert’s truck.

He took them down too.









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    • Esta send a “Friend Request” to me Bernadette Feazell or the Lake Waco Triple Murders, it is one wild story, I am in contact with a lot of people in the Nederlands who are anti death penalty activists. Who knew?

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