As you know last April a “Declaratory Writ” was filed by Dallas Attorney,  Jay English on behalf of Jason Spence and Anthony Melendez.

In the very near future there will be a Hearing in Austin, Texas where Mr. English will present all the evidence contained in the Writ in front of Judge Jan Soifer,  345th.  District Court.  She is a Democrat and said to be anti death penalty,  finally,  a bit of luck!

A large part of the evidence is contained in the “Clemency Petition” filed by Walter Reaves in 2014.  This evidence,  tape recordings and documents,  has never been seen by the public and was filed veiled in secrecy by then attorney for Melendez, Walter Reaves and his paralegal Fredric Dannen.

Winning or losing this lawsuit is down the road,  it’s a lengthy process.

“The ride”,  however,  isn’t a lengthy process.  THE RIDE is where your world comes tumbling down because you have done something hideous that didn’t go away.  Something that shows you up as a hypocrite at best but a lot of other things you’d rather not “up”.  Especially in what would seem to be the old age of most of the players in this sad saga of ego, greed, invincibility, and lies, where the truth,  took a back seat to secrecy and ownership on the part of most everyone involved.

There have been those that have written and begged Walter Reaves to run the DNA in this case that is left,  especially Jill Montgomer’s fingernails to no avail.

Reason and conscience demanded that Fred Dannen give up the tape recordings of poor Gilbert and Tony Melendez confessing to Senator Rodney Ellis in 2010 and Dannen was begged to do the right thing to no vail.

The Innocence Project of Texas had no problem with their Vice President,  Walter Reaves taking sixteen years to even get his own client’s (Tony Melendez) DNA.

Nothing.  Time after time.  Nothing.

Those who are interested in this murder want to know who did it.  We want people involved to be sworn in and questioned about what they have and what they are hiding.  We want Walter Reaves to give up the tapes.

Will this happen?

Remember Fredric Dannen HAS the tapes,  he’s the famous New York author who Vic Feazell gave the entire Lake Murder file to,  including the tapes in 1999.

Dannen also signed a paralegal agreement with Walter Reaves in 1999.

Dannen has the tapes in San Miguel De Allenede, Mexico.  Reaves does not have the tapes.  When Mr. English subpoenas these from Reaves what will he do?

Will Fredric Dannen allow Walter Reaves to be held in Contempt of Court?

We don’t know but we are certainly excited to find out.

Time for the tough questions.

Time for some embarrassing answers we suspect.

I want to hear those tapes,  don’t you?

tick, tock.




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