LAKE WACO MURDER: Anthony Melendez, Dies in Prison

The following article appeared in the Waco Tribune Herald.  Tommy Witherspoon,  newspaper reporter,  and good friend of Truman Simons wrote it.

Truman Simons states his opinion once again as to their guilt.

It is a shame that Witherspoon didn’t notice that if the 3 kids were killed at Koehne and transported in Gilbert’s truck to Speegleville, it makes sense that they would have bled on one another.  There was no blood from one another on any body,  so how did they go from Koehne to Speegleville?

Since Simons says that they were transported in Gilbert’s truck which was never even brought to Waco,  only a photo,  AND never tested with luminol.

Simons had Carlton Stowers buy him the truck,  the truck was transported to his own home where it sat by his    bedroom window    for years.

Years,  until Truman Simons had Gilbert Melendez’s truck shredded at Lipshitz Scrap Iron.

Feazell gloats that people thought there was “big money” in Melendez’s case.

Well,  Feazell should know,  he enjoyed being on the front page of the Phone Book for years and every advertisement he had mentioned how he solved and prosecuted the Lake Waco Triple Murder.

Feazell, continues to drown the rest of us in his hipocrisy and incredible likeness to Ken Andersen,  the prosecutor in Georgetown who wrongly convicted poor Michael Morton.

Here is the story from the Waco Tribune Herald.




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