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   January 13, 2019

Who’s your Daddy?

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Wow,  looking back at what we know now about Abel Reyna and how easy it is to “get out of jail” for a bribe,  we can also surmise that for a loyal supporter,  Abel could easily pull some strings and have someone PUT IN JAIL with no problema.  We know a phone number from Reyna and Reed called people from 000-0000 numbers more than once, and now we know that the parents of Baylor Frat Boy Jacob Anderson tried to entice Jim Dunnam before the criminal case.

Did Vic Feazell with his money and power get a “favor” from his friend,  Abel Reyna?

Did Vic and Abel hope to silence this writer with over valued evidence that had been refused by the Waco Police Department TWICE?  Yep,  PD wouldn’t take the case,  but Abelino did.

Vic’s buddy,  Truman Simons,  made no secret that “Vic has Abel in his pocket.”

Aaaah,  but things went wrong and backfired when Abel had to drop the case.  DROP THE CASE.  At first they wanted “5 years in PRISON”,   then,  nada,  nunca,  dropped.

Feazell’s son sat in jail for over four months but that still wasn’t enough for Vic Feazell.

Being the HERO means more to him than friends and family.

Remember,  Sherre Johnston worked for Vic Feazell for 12,  TWELVE years.  Vic had no problem in helping to humiliate Judy Simons by hiring Truman’s girlfriend.  Unfortunately,  Truman wasn’t Sherre’s only boyfriend.  He shared her with a lot of men from Woodway Baptist and the Mc Brothers.

Now we know bite marks are going to be the downfall of the Lake Waco Murders and the Texas Forensics Commission report on Spence and Spence’s mother,  Juanita White.

Vic Feazell put his son in jail in 2015.  This is 2019,  he hasn’t talked to his son since the 2015 incident but talks to anonymous people on his blog that doesn’t believe in DNA.

Am I picking on Vic this week.  Sure am.

He calls the Lake Murder “controversy”,  the “musings of an ex wife.”

Only funny line he’s used this year.

Vic Feazell send his own son to jail via a favor from Abel Reyna.  No question.



Public Information Report from the Waco Police Department Dated July 3, 2015

Offense 30.02F                    Description Burglary of a Habitation


Greg Feazell,   son of Vic Feazell was hit by a car in Bruceville-Eddy, Texas in 2014.  He suffered many broken bones and a subdural hematoma of the left temporal lobe resulting in brain surgery.  He had broken bones, several surgeries, and he contracted MRSA in the Westlake Hospital where he received a “donor implant” into his clavicle which was later rejected and removed.  He was also in Hillcrest hospital for over 30 days fighting the MRSA infection.  Like many young people who have surgeries and pain,  he received pain meds and ultimately became addicted to them.

Vic Feazell,  a prominent Personal Injury Attorney,  well known for is “drive laid back” commercials on television, of course,  represented his son in the lawsuit that took place following Greg Feazell being hit by a car while on foot.

Vic Feazell took his full cut of the monies from the lawsuit as though Greg Feazell was another client,  which was agreed upon.

Vic Feazell,  was himself an addict,  from 1994 to at least 1999 Feazell dabbled in a drug which was the “precursor” to testosterone called GHB.  This was also called the “date rape drug”.  Feazell also used large amounts of Ectasy and other drugs during that time.

Feazell was the law partner to then “Mr. World”,  Marc Rosenthal who introduced Feazell to GHB to help him “bulk up”.

Feazell,  admitted himself to the famous,  “Pavillion” rehab Center for “sexual addiction and drug addiction” in 1995 during divorce proceedings with his wife at the time,  the mother of Greg,  Bernadette Feazell.  The Pavillion is in North Carolina and the estimated cost is $18,000.  Feazell can find the money for himself but not his son who will never be the same after being hit by a car while he was on foot.

The GHB was kept in Feazell’s home and at that time it was not illegal and not known to be “addictive”.  That came later.  Feazell used GHB and gave it to many people,  Brian Marshall,  a friend of the family drank some of the GHB and “partied” with Vic Feazell.  He later stated that he almost drowned in Vic Feazell’s bathtub when he passed out on the GHB.

Vic Feazell is no stranger to drugs and drug addiction.  He was head of the “Methadone” program at Waco’s MHMR for many years.  He also admitted to using LSD several times in a newspaper interview with the Temple/Belton newspaper which was used against him in his first election.

Knowing his son was addicted to hard drugs,  after all,  Feazell was Greg’s lawyer and had ALL his son’s medical records including records from Laredo Medical where his son had been admitted twice for overdosing on opiates.

Apparently to help his son after he got better,  Feazell put Greg to work for him in his law office in Waco.  Later,  he gave Greg, his employee and client,  a key.

In July of 2015,  Greg Feazell relapsed and Vic Feazell fired him from his employment.  After he was fired,  Greg told his father, employer, and lawyer that he had taken some items from the office and had pawned them.  He was paying on them and did not want his dad to lose them so he admitted to the theft.  Vic got copies of the Pawn Tickets and he and Greg agreed to go get the items together.  Later,  Vic would write to his so that he didn’t want to see him and was going to let another attorney in his office go with Greg to retrieve the items.

Instead,  Feazell,  who was indicted for Racketeering,  Bribery, and Organized Crime when his only son was four years old, decided to have his son arrested for a felony.

Since Greg worked for Vic and had a key,  it was not a burglary but because Vic is who he is and perceived to be very powerful and wealthy,  the police,  who originally refused the case as being “civil”,   after all,  all parties agreed to retrieve the property, proceeded with the case.

Feazell had a “tracker” on his son’s phone and knew where he was at every moment.  At that time Greg Feazell did not live with his mother but lived in an apartment complex off Edmond street in Waco.  Feazell had declared that he didn’t want his son living with his mother.  He told him that because she didn’t think that David Spence did the Lake Murder it would be wrong for him (Greg) to live with her and work with him so he moved.

The police did not pick up Greg Feazell on Edmond,  even though that is the address listed as Greg’s home on all the police reports.  Instead,  Vic Feazell, waited until Greg Feazell went to visit his mother and Vic Feazell had his son picked up     there.  He actually tracked his own son and called the police to have him picked up in front of his mother.

He wanted Greg Feazell to go to prison on a felony and wrote to Abel Reyna telling him this.

The Public Information Report of the involved property contains several bronzes,  one being a “Texas Ranger Bronze” and a “Bronco Buster Statue” by “Fredric Remington”.

Neither of these,  nor the others were original bronzes,  no, they were copies made in Indonesia that Feazell had purchased along with Greg’s mother many years prior.  Feazell,  in an effort to pump up the value of the stolen items and make the offense a felony punishable by prison time.

The Bronco Buster Statue that Feazell has listed as $350 is listed at $79 on ebay.  The large Texas Ranger Bronze he has at $2,500  is not an original and can be bought for as little as $500.  “A Woman in Bondage” he has for $350 and was actually bought for $150 at auction.

Feazell wrote to Abel Reyna at least three times,  changing his mind about what HE wanted to be done with his son.

It should also be noted that Feazell,  as his son’s attorney,  had an   obligation to his son/client.  Turning him over to the police constitutes a “breach of fiduciary duty” to his son and client.

Over 900 people die each year in jail from coming off opiates.  This is a sad statistic but true.  Feazell,  who, himself has gone to rehab,  puts his son in jail while he, himself,  goes to North Carolina for sex addiction and donates a gazebo in his own name to the Rehab after his time there.

The charges against Greg Feazell were later dropped by the DA’s office, however, by that time,  the damage against Greg Feazell was done.  The newspaper and several television stations had his face and story all on the news.  Even after the case was dismissed Greg Feazell could not find employment.  He had to live again with his mother.  Finally,  in September of this year,  after Vic Feazell moved back to Waco from Austin somewhere near Speegleville Park,  Greg Feazell moved to Mexico where he could find work and be on his own.

Could the Lake Waco Triple murder mean     that much   to the ego of Vic Feazell?

How many years did the “hero of the Lake Murder” and his partner,  Marc “Mr. World” Rosenthal grace the covers of many Central Texas telephone books?  It should be noted here that Mr. Rosenthal is now a guest of the Federal Government after being convicted of bribery in the Valley.

The main witness against Rosenthal,  his GHB friend,  Vic Feazell.

Just another example of Vic Feazell and his mantra,  “I’ll sue you”,  which has been enough to keep people from even remotely crossing him or saying that they thought that David Spence did not do the crime.

Too bad Feazell didn’t research the new laws on junk science before moving back to Waco.

We wonder what will happen when it is realized that the real murderers are still out there.

A case that means more to a 65 year old man and his historical reputation than his own son.






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