The Lake Waco Triple Murders were one of the bloodiest cases in Texas history.  The three teens,  stabbed repeatedly.  Bloody evidence introduced at trials,  including bindings used to tie up the three,  and bloody clothes.

The retrial of Muneer Deeb in Ft. Worth was tried by two “Special Prosecutors”,  hired by McLennan County,  David Chapman and Bill Lane.  The Investigator they used was Sheriff’s Deputy Truman Simons,  a 25 year law enforcement veteran.

Deeb was found “not guilty” by a Ft. Worth jury and released in 1993.

Deputy Simons returned home to Waco after the acquittal,   but did not bring home the trial boxes and evidence.   He,  instead just left them with David Chapman who in 2001 took the evidence to the Forensics lab where it was given to  Patricia Eddings,  Forensic Scientist,     with Jan Thompson,  aunt of victim,  Jill Montgomery,  and her husband.

The evidence had sat in Chapman’s  storage unit,  where it was extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter.  Chapman said he didn’t know what to do with it so he put it in his storage unit, where it ultimately degraded.

Mr. Walter Reaves,  in yet another strange move,  received the information from NMS labs that the samples were degraded in  November, 2015.   He then sat on the information, and did not even tell his own client,  Anthony Melendez, of the results, although he knew full well Melendez was hoping for DNA to free him.

A sad ending to a case mishandled from the very beginning.DNA results



2 thoughts on “DNA Results: SAMPLES DEGRADED

    • One Wilkins is in prison, the other is a registered sex offender in Boerne, Texas, Marion Boatman, now, he is an enigma to me, I sort of know him from Facebook and some posts about the lake murder a while back. What part did Boatman play in it except owning that black van? Please let me know. There are new developments, the Texas Forensics Commission has taken the case and all bite mark cases are for all intents and purposes over, including Spence, no one seems to have snapped on that yet. Also, don’t be surprised if FINALLY Anthony Melendez gets another attorney. Thank you for writing.

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