None of this is true except that Fred Dannen borrowed the tapes from me and refused to return them. And I did testify against Rosenthal. He was bad news.
There is nothing in the tapes to support any of the ridiculous accusations being made. Some short segments have been lifted out of context and fairy tales concocted around them. Even something true, taken out of context, is no longer true. For years, Dannen claimed he returned the tapes, but he didn’t. There is nothing incriminating in the tapes.
Neither him nor the crazy conspiracy theorists that tout his nonsence can be believed. Most of it comes from imagination of my crazy x-wife. She’d say anything.


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    You put your own son in jail. You. You wrote Abel Reyna to put your own son in prison for 5 years. Prison on a felony. Yep, your son stole some things from you when he worked for you and was on heroin. You certainly aren’t much of a father. One mean little man. Gary Richardson once said, “Vic Feazell is a good friend as long as he’s in trouble”. Your wife and son stood by you when others did not. You pay them back by putting one in jail and saying the other has mental health issues. You’re a crook, everyone laughs when your ads come on in public restaurants, laughs and sighs. You got away with it. Maybe Reyna won’t. Lousy DA, worse father. Shame on you Feazell.

  2. Mark Rosenthal is the one that got you addicted to GHB. Your wife knows that, she was with you all through your GHB phase. Brian Marshall, Julie Barron, Benjamin Doughtry, many others, including your own sister know better . Remember when Tina your maid drank your GHB? Wound up in the emergency room. YOU brought home GHB, don’t lie, everyone knows. Your doormat wife knows. Everyone has to go along with you or you’ll sic your bulldog Simons on them?

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