In a letter to Anthony Melendez dated OCTOBER 21st.  lawyer Reaves assures Melendez that the DNA will be moving out of Arkansas Genomics as soon as they figure out the balance and pay it.

This is very interesting as on October 20, 2015,  Jimmy D. Threet’s BANKRUPTCY was obviously already filed,   and details of the bankruptcy etc. was on the internet.

Jimmy D. Threet is the owner of Arkansas Genomics.

Arkansas Genomics now has NO PHONE NUMBER,  neither does Threet,  and no way to get into contact with them.

Mr. Reaves did not bother to tell his client of the lab’s bankruptcy, which, obviously, had occurred some time before the October 21st. letter.

This is a cruel blow to Melendez and an eye opener for anyone thinking of hiring Walter Reaves, who seems perfectly happy taking 19 years to run DNA on an innocent man.



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