If you don’t agree that DAVID SPENCE did the LAKE MURDERS,  Vic Feazell,  Truman Simons,  Ned Butler, and the now deceased Homer Campbell,  disgraced bite mark expert,  will sue you.

That’s the message,  that’s been the message for years.

When people ask  “Why hasn’t someone done something about the Lake Murder case”?  The answer is,   Vic Feazell will sue you,  and Truman Simons will likely threaten you.

Brian Pardo and John McLemore disagreed with Feazell and Simons and published a harmless article in CAPITOL WATCH,  pointing out what many other people already had,  evidence that Spence did not do the crime.

Pardo is well known in Waco as a “wealthy” man.  Very wealthy.

Feazell, Simons, Butler, and Homer Campbell saw this article and Pardo’s wealth as an open invitation to another Libel Trial.

However,  on July 28, 2004,   the  TENTH COURT OF APPEALS threw the case OUT.

Vic Feazell and Truman Simons,  more so than Butler,    like    being local heroes.  Feazell and Simons will bully anyone and everyone who disagrees with them.

It’s a shame that because of Feazell’s money and obvious power, and willingness to wield both,     the truth takes a back seat.




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