In researching the Lake Waco Triple Murder,  the attorneys,  the New York writer,  the Forensic Dentist, and the different members of law enforcement,  one fact remains clear,  Mr. Fred Dannen uncovered evidence proving, or at least raising questions about the Lake Waco Murders and the guilt of the defendants.

Dannen,   actually faced down Truman Simons in 2001, and asked him why he framed Spence. This was at the McLennan County Sheriff’s Department, before Simons retired.   By 2002, Dannen changed his mind and instead of being full of his former bravado,  he decided to move to Mexico with his wealthy friend,  Don Casey.

Dannen has not had a job in over 10 years,  he lives off other people in Mexico  and that doesn’t seem to bother him  either.  Nor does he tell anyone the truth,  he blames Simons  but doesn’t bother to tell anyone he is a “lap cat” for wealthy retirees,   lives off the past glory of his 2 books from 1999, and plays Chamber Music at an Episcopal Church in San Miguel de Allende.

The glaring question is WHY hasn’t Texas Law Enforcement demanded answers from Dannen?

     Excerpt from Waco Tribune Herald

June 8, 2002
The other matter taken up at Monday’s hearing was a motion from Feazell
concerning Fredric Dannen, a contributor to The New Yorker magazine who
is writing a book highlighting the Lake Waco murders. Feazell asked the
judge to either compel Dannen to make himself available so the plaintiffs
could depose him before trial or for Dannen’s name to be taken off the
defense’s witness list.

In past hearings, the defense has said it does not know where Dannen is
and that it can only get in touch with him via cell phone. In response to
Feazell’s motion Monday, the defense said it will make Dannen available
to the plaintiffs before the trial if he will be called as a witness.

That may prove impossible, however. Dannen, when reached by phone Monday,
said he is staying outside of the United States and that neither the
defense nor the plaintiffs know his location. Even if his whereabouts
were discovered, U.S. courts would have no jurisdiction over him, he

(source: Waco Tribune-Herald)














  1. Tony had a visitor in late 2006/2007 who also put money in his commissary multiple times, including last Christmas. There are an impressive number of inaccuracies here.

    • We do not know anything about his visitors or monies before 2010, in 2010 we were informed by Cindy Culp of the Waco Trib that Tony had not had a visitor and no monies in 5 years. We do know that last year Reaves sent him Christmas monies. We had no contact with Tony Melendez BEFORE 2010. If this is not correct, we apologize, we can only go by what Melendez has written and what we were told by Culp in 2010 when she was doing her series on the Lake Case. Anymore impressive inaccuracies, please let us know. If you are the one sending him money, he left you out and we will ask him, however, he is in the hospital in Dickinson, Texas where he is suffering from cancer of the bone and total kidney shut down, he is on dialysis. Thank you if you visited him and sent him monies.

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