In researching the Lake Waco Triple Murder,  the attorneys,  the New York writer,  the Forensic Dentist, and the different members of law enforcement,  one fact remains clear,  Mr. Fred Dannen uncovered evidence proving, or at least raising questions about the Lake Waco Murders and the guilt of the defendants. Dannen,   actually faced down Truman Simons … Continue reading

PROSECUTORS & FORENSIC DENTIST A TEAM IN COURT AND OUT If you don’t agree that DAVID SPENCE did the LAKE MURDERS,  Vic Feazell,  Truman Simons,  Ned Butler, and the now deceased Homer Campbell,  disgraced bite mark expert,  will sue you. That’s the message,  that’s been the message for years. When people ask  “Why hasn’t someone done something about the Lake Murder case”?  The answer … Continue reading