Cindy Culp of the Waco Trib, sent a Public Info Request to Tarrant County in May of 2011. The author, Fred Dannen tried to block her request, if you take look at page six below you will find where Dannen says he has located a utility van he believes was used in the murders and says about fibers found in that van   “the results were favorable to Mr.  (Anthony) Melendez”.

Inline image


  1. That bothers you, doesn’t it?
    If you would read the Fred Dannen response, you would find out that there were fibers and the results “favorable to Anthony Melendez”, perhaps if he ever gets a real attorney, they can make that part of the Texas Forensics Committee’s new BITE MARK PANEL’s work. Can’t wait, they are also taking on the Juanita White Case again. See the film of their October meeting for yourself, please. We wonder if Raylene rice’s vomit was on that carpet? You can bet that someone will ask that question and more soon.

  2. It’s a attachment on this blog.
    Most everything you write about can be answered by reading attachments that are either Public Information, the Internet, or Texas Forensics Commission, we do not say things without evidence, however, you’ll have to do the work finding it and reading it, or do a CLE with a member of the Forensics Commission as a speaker.

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