The website http://www.lakewacomurders.com appeared overnight in 2007.              When asked whose site it was,  Fredric Dannen replies:


Dannen seems to have a lot of bravado in 2007, but by 2014,   Dannen tells Michael Hall of TEXAS MONTHLY a story about how “scared” he is of Vic Feazell and Truman Simons,  so scared he moved to the      safety of  Mexico      where  Feazell and Simons  couldn’t harm him.

The TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION in their November 16th.  meeting began discussing getting trial boxes from Texas DA’s in their “bite mark” investigations into the cases of:

Juanita White  (mother of David Wayne Spence)

The Lake Waco Triple Murder

You can see that Feazell,  has the files,    they’re ONLINE!!

Will   Feazell   do what’s right and give the trial boxes and files to the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION?

If he won’t,   will Fredric Dannen give up HIS COPIES? 

Dannen told TEXAS MONTHLY that he compares himself to the “WISE KINDHEARTED LION” in the “Wizard of Oz”,      he says that the exoneration of  Calvin Washington in the Juanita White case was “the greatest thing I’ve ever done”  and that the next greatest will be freeing Anthony Melendez.

Will Feazell and Dannen go on possessing the files for their own greed?

Will lawyer Reaves deliver those tapes used as Exhibits in Melendez’s CLEMENCY PETITION to the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION like his own client (Melendez) has demanded?

Or must Anthony Melendez sit in jail another year while Feazell becomes yet another “Ken Andersen”,      and   Fred Dannen tells himself he’s a “LION”,  when he is just another part of the problem.

WHY are these trial boxes in the hands of an EX DA and a New York writer?


Do you, like me,  read this and just say,  “Hell, nooooo”?












  1. If the Forensics Commission request all those records and tapes won’t they (Feazell and Dannen) be forced by law to give them over? Why do they have them in the first place?
    Do you know the process of filing a complaint about certain things that took place in D Spence trial? I under stand that is how Steve M Chaney was let out of prison.

  2. Feazell has them because, obviously, he took them with him along with Graf and Henry Lucas. (websites) Feazell gave them to Dannen and it looks like neither of these guys see anything WRONG with THEM having it and no one else.

    I hope the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION has a lot of the same questions……

  3. There is no wonder that Texas Justice System is pretty screwed up if the prosecution can “run the show as they see fit.” I know we have some good ones, but seems to be quite a few bad ones also ! 😦

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