Harry’s been getting a lot of questions from readers,  one in particular.

“Mr. Storm,  why on earth would a smart lawyer like Vic Feazell give 300 tape recordings AND all his files on the Lake Waco Murder,  to New York writer, Fredric Dannen “?                       Chris W.  Woodway, Texas


Chris,  do you remember when Mr. Feazell was on the cover of your phone book in Waco/McLennan County?    That was when it was Feazell, Rosenthal, and Watson.

Marc  Rosenthal,  one of Feazell’s partners and much younger than Feazell, was    “MR. WORLD”,   yes,  a body builder.  Feazell, around forty at that time wanted to “buff up”  for acting roles and the movies that HE (Feazell)  funded and produced.  “RHINOS”  the movie the movie comes to mind.

 Mr. WORLD  Rosenthal loved and used,  a new body building drug that was supposed to be a “precursor to testosterone” back in the late 90’s,    called    GHB.      Rosenthal,  now serving 25 years in Federal Prison in South, Texas,    was known in Austin among other lawyers,    for his “roid rages”,   strange behavior and antics due to steroids and GHB.

This was also when Vic  Feazell decided he wanted to be a movie producer and actor.  He was so tired of his old friends and family he alienated most all of them and even went so far as to get a “new face” to go with his “new life”.

In 1997 when Feazell first met with Fredric Dannen,   he (Feazell)   carried water bottles around with him everywhere and, at times,  tried to get others to “try” the GHB.  One woman,  let’s call her Julie B.  almost drowned in Feazell’s bathtub after passing out in it on the drug.

The GHB obviously made Vic Feazell feel   “euphoric”  and it was during this time he gave Fredric Dannen the trial boxes on the Lake Waco Triple Murder   AND   all those tapes seized by the United States government back when Feazell was tried for RICO.

Only difference was that,    unlike the government,     Dannen actually listened to the tapes.

Another problem was that Dannen wound up playing the tapes for Feazell’s ex wife,  a relative of Truman Simons,  and many others, including the daughters and sons of Richard Bowers at a “family meeting” in 2001.  Dannen proudly played tapes for the family of Jill Monrgomery in 2001,  a powerpoint production at then Governor Perry’s office for then Chief of Staff,  Cathy Walt,  and Attorney Mary Ann Wiley in 2007,  and the Innocence Project of Texas in Austin. 

After hearing the tapes,  for Feazell’s ex wife and the others,  there was no going back,  they knew they had been horribly misled,  used,  and lied to   ON TAPE.

They trusted Dannen to bring justice and he promised them he would.

“IF my book becomes a blueprint for law enforcement, so be it”,  Dannen said in 2001.

That never happened,  Dannen,  saying he was afraid of Vic Feazell and Truman Simons moved to Mexico where he went back to his first calling,  Chamber Music and piano.

This left ALL the people he had played the tapes for just dangling.

When they asked him to give up the tapes to law enforcement OR questioned him about the book,  he either lied or just ignored everyone.

Oh,  but he is hanging on to the tapes etc.

Hope this answers your question.

Oh,  by the way,   the FBI’s  main witness against Feazell partner Rosenthal in Rosenthal’s trial   for bribing a judge,   you guessed it,  his old friend,  Vic Feazell.

Being a partner with Feazell it seems does take a great toll.  Ask Don Hall, Dick Kettler, or other partners Feazell has had.











  1. Wouldn’t it be incriminating to withhold the tapes and any other information that would have a bearing on the murder case(s)? If I’m not mistaken all of this happened many years ago. What has caused the delay in bringing this information to the public?

    • Thank you Cherry B. YES, we believe it is not only incriminating but illegal to withhold evidence in a murder case! Yes, this case happened over 30 years ago but because of male ego, lawyer ego, cop ego, and writer ego, it still hangs in limbo. There are men, Vic Feazell, Fredric Dannen, Walter Reaves, Truman Simons, who think that this is just a STORY and the STORY belongs to THEM. They like being BIG HEROES and don’t want to give that up.
      Look at Feazell’s website http://www.lakewacomurders.com/ FEAZELL has the TRIAL BOXES IN HIS POSSESSION, The DA’s office does not. Feazell thinks this is HIS, it’s not.
      Another problem is Walter Reaves, one terrible Waco attorney.

      Reaves, who has been Tony’s attorney for 17 long years first started out with Fredric Dannen and the exoneration of Calvin Washington. They did a good job together and then decided to hop on the old Lake Waco Murder. Reaves trusted that when the time was right, DANNEN would give him (Reaves) the tapes etc. (other evidence) that Dannen had in his possession.

      Dannen decided to not give Reaves ANYTHING and Reaves is embarrassed and afraid to admit that he THE LAWYER doesn’t have the tapes etc.

      They, I believe just want Anthony Melendez to DIE, even though they (Reaves and Dannen) represent him.

      Truman Simons and Vic Feazell did it to begin with, they knew the “mistaken identity” thing was b.s. How on earth could any man mistake Jill Montgomery for Gayle Kelley?
      Jill was very endowed for a young woman, Gayle was totally “flat chested”, tell me a 20 something year old guy is going to mistake that? No way.

      Truman Simons and Vic Feazell started it, then Walter Reaves and Fredric Dannen continued this terrible injustice, Russ Hunt tried to help, giving Abel Reyna that tape recording of the family meeting Dannen had with the Montgomerys and Thompsons, but Reyna hasn’t done a thing in over a year except indict Feazell’s son at Feazell’s urging basically to get back at his ex wife for not agreeing with him that “David did it”.

      Believe me, Cherry B, they know what they’ve done and until someone with some fortitude makes them give up what should never have been theirs this will continue.

      Keep reading as we have received emails and correspondence that will be forthcoming.

      Hope this answers your question.

  2. None of this is true except that Fred Dannen borrowed the tapes from me and refused to return them. And I did testify against Rosenthal. He was bad news.
    There is nothing in the tapes to support any of the ridiculous accusations being made. Some short segments have been lifted out of context and fairy tales concocted around them. Even something true, taken out of context, is no longer true. For years, Dannen claimed he returned the tapes, but he didn’t. There is nothing incriminating in the tapes.
    Neither him nor the crazy conspiracy theorists that tout his nonsence can be believed. Most of it comes from imagination of my crazy x-wife. She’d say anything.

    • Fred Dannen videotaped and audiotaped the meeting where he returned the trial boxes and tapes to Vic Feazell without Feazell’s knowledge. He (Dannen) also put the incriminating tapes themselves into separate envelopes when he returned them to Feazell as he wanted to talk about those tapes WITH Feazell. Mrs Feazell testified June 8, 2002 that she had seen the trial boxes and tapes in Vic Feazell’s home earlier that year. We hope to see this all play out in a trial someday and want to thank Vic Feazell for putting his version in writing.

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    • This from a man who overvalued several items including bronzes that were not even originals to put his own son in jail on a felony theft when a misdemeanor would have accomplished the same thing, “rehab” by jail. Then you proceeded to run the show by writing DA Reyna countless times. You taped yourself years ago, you can point the finger at what other people say but………..you taped yourself. YOU represented your son, after he was hit by a car, took your full fee, put your son to work for you knowing he had a drug problem because you had the medical records……….instead of helping him, you put him in jail on a felony. Some might call this a breach of fiduciary duty. Perhaps you were just paying back your crazy ex wife for her belief that you put at least six innocent people in prison. Why don’t you deny using GHB with Mr. World, Rosenthal, and bringing it home where your son became addicted to it? Or did he
      (Rosenthal) become “bad news” later?

    • Yep, being the big hero is so important this fucker throws the people who helped him while he was in deep trouble under the bus when he’s not in trouble anymore. Doesn’t even speak to his lover Truman now. Big ego, totally scared shitless in reality.

  4. Mrs. Feazell testified that your son was also there when you brought home the trial boxes and they were then picked up by two women wanting to write a book about Graf. Perhaps before she is indicted for perjury they’ll ask him.

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