The Mutiny of Anthony Melendez

Letter from Anthony Melendez to the TEXAS



September 3, 2015

Texas Forensic Science Commission
1700 N. Congress Avenue, Suite 445
Austin, Texas 78701

Dear Commissioners:
My name is Anthony Melendez, I am an inmate in the Polunsky Unit, Livingston, Texas.
I am the last living “Lake Waco Murder” defendant.
I have waited for my DNA to be run for many years and in March 2015, my attorney, Walter Reaves, came to see me and took a DNA sample from me.
There are samples waiting to be run and recently Mr. Jason Spence and his brother volunteered their DNA to Mr. Walter Reaves as Reaves does not have any DNA from the other defendants, just “known samples” from those believed to be the “real killers”.
The Forensic Science Commission is taking up “bite mark evidence”, and, one Forensics Dentists,   in particular, Homer Campbell.
As with the case of Steven Mark Chaney, Mr. Campbell also participated in the trial of Joe Sidney Williams and Calvin Washington, and before that, the Lake Waco Triple Murder.
Since my DNA could be run at any time, and, those results I believe will exonerate all the Lake Waco defendants, that the Commission should have full access and take charge of the DNA is logical and it is what am petitioning for with this letter.
Clemency Petition
I remember being in a room with prosecutors, my own lawyers, and a deputy long ago where they talked about me taking a plea of “ten years Federal time” along with my brother. if I confessed. Which is what I did thinking I was saving myself and my brother from the same fate as David Spence, the death penalty.
That was over 30 years ago and recently I found out that those conversations were not false memories on my part.
They are actually on tapes,  and a tape explaining a hypothesis at a presentation by writer Fredric Dannen, containing tape recorded conversations between prosecutors, the attorneys, with me in the room was given by Russ Hunt, Waco Attorney to the District Attorney’s Office in Waco, Texas.
Mr. Dannen is a New York writer who is also a “contracted paralegal” employed by Mr. Reaves.
In December of 2014 my attorney, Walter Reaves, filed a CLEMENCY PETITION, written by Fredric Dannen, detailing these conversations along with tapes of the prosecutors and law enforcement assisting me in my confession. My confession is on tape and I ask you to please hear these tapes as my confession was false.
The case of Juanita White might also be discussed on these tapes and the question begs to be asked if indeed they do.
There could also be tape recordings of the prosecutors with Homer Campbell.
I ask the Commission to investigate these cases and the people involved as a whole.
I ask that you get the tape from District Attorney Reyna that Hunt gave to his office in October.
I ask that you go from there to obtain all tapes and other evidence from my attorney.
I hope you will insist that my DNA and the DNA of the others be run against the samples that sit in an Arkansas lab.
There are many people who have evidence they would like to share with the Commission.

Mr. Spence was also represented in his second trial by Walter Reaves of Waco, who is also my attorney.

Bite Mark Evidence and DNA

I am attaching Public Information Requests detailing “known samples”, from beer cans, shoestrings and other evidence that went to Arkansas Genomics in 2013.
This is 2015 and that DNA should be run to prove my innocence and has not been is more than I should have to go through. I have waited and heard about this DNA for years and ask
that you, the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION take this case and run my DNA as I am innocent.
I understand that Richard Franks, the father of victim, Kenneth Franks died recently.
There are many people I want to know that I am innocent, most of all,
my mother who is very ill.
I am the last one alive, I am innocent, I would like my mother to know the DNA results. I have been incarcerated and she has been waiting for the truth to come out for 32 years.

Thank you very much,

Anthony Melendez


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