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Bernadette Feazell,  former wife of McLennan County District Attorney, Vic Feazell,   contacted Ranger Patrick Pena of Waco and informed him that there were tape recordings that had been played for her and many others in the possession of one Fredric Dannen,  writer,   and that those tapes needed to go to law enforcement.

Dannen’s response is below.

A sampling of those incredible tapes can be read as Exhibits in the CLEMENCY PETITION filed by Reaves and Dannen 12/14/14.

Ranger Pena said there was nothing he could do unless Abel Reyna’s office asked the Rangers for assistance.  Even AFTER Russ Hunt took a tape to Reyna’s office,  nothing has happened AND the Rangers,  who would like to get involved, cannot.

The tapes were delivered to District Attorney Abel Reyna’s office in October of 2014,  by Waco Criminal Law Specialist and attorney for David Wayne Spence,  Russ Hunt, Sr.  in person. 

Reyna’s office, has not contacted anyone back about the tapes and what is on those tapes,  in over a year now.  If they didn’t want to do anything why not ask for assistance from the Rangers?  Why protect Feazell?

Mr. Walter Reaves also has not delivered a copy of the tapes to the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION even after Anthony Melendez, himself,  has ordered his attorney (Reaves) to do so.

In an interesting twist,   in July,  Vic Feazell filed charges of theft against his own son and succeeded in getting Abel Reyna to prosecute the son even after police officers told Feazell that it was a “civil matter”.

We believe that Mr. Reaves and Mr. Dannen are in possession of Feazell’s tapes and files.  The Texas Forensics Commission needs those files and tapes and Anthony Melendez deserves to have justice that is public!


 Fredric Dannen <>
Dear Mr. Peña,
A few days ago I received, via email, a rather odd message from one Bernadette Feazell, urging me to “come forward” with information about the homicide of Richard Bowers, a Waco businessman who had been scheduled to appear as a federal witness in the 1987 racketeering and bribery trial of Vic Feazell, Mrs. Feazell’s ex-husband. Mr. Bowers was shot dead on October 16, 1986; eight months later, Mr. Feazell was acquitted in a jury trial. In February 2000, with the assistance of then-federal prosecutor Bill Johnston, I acquired a copy of a 1988 tape-recorded interview with a violent felon named Alvin Collins, in which Mr. Collins claimed that Mr. Feazell had paid him to murder the potential witness, Mr. Bowers.
Mrs. Feazell sounds as though she is accusing me of misprision of a felony for not giving the Collins interview tapes to the authorities. The claim is beyond ludicrous for a number of reasons. For starters, the tapes were created in the first place by a special agent of the FBI, and three detectives for the Waco Police Department. Nevertheless, in July 2001, I met with two federal prosecutors, Mark Frazier and Gregory Gloff, of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Western District of Texas, played them portions of the tapes, and gave them copies of my transcript of the complete Collins interview. I can hardly be blamed if they did not pursue the matter, and in any case my civic responsibility was performed.


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