The University of North Texas Center for Human Identification (UNTCHI), an accredited forensic laboratory specializing in identifying unknown DNA through CODIS is set to receive the Lake Waco Triple Murder DNA according to a recent letter from the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION to Anthony Melendez.

As you know,  DNA has been run in the case,  DNA run against the men Walter Reaves and Fredric Dannen       thought         had done the crime.

  Oooops!         So sure these guys (Harper, Wilkins, Wilkins, and Boatman) did it that Walter Reaves, Criminal Law Specialist,   and writer, Fredric Dannen neglected to run the DNA against their   own client’s      DNA, which they did not even have until March of 2015.

Then they wonder why Melendez has little to no faith in Walter  Reaves’ representation,  and, to his  credit, Melendez  filed his own Complaint with the Forensics Commission, bypassing his own attorney, Criminal Law Specialist,  Walter Reaves.

According to lawyer  Reaves in a letter to Melendez, the only hitch is that they owe money to the Arkansas lab where the DNA now sits and has sat since April of 2013.

There was discussion at the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION MEETING on November 6th.  about getting the trial transcripts for the Lake Waco Murder and other cases from the respective DA’s offices.

Too bad there are no trial boxes for the Lake Waco Triple Murder at the DA Abel Reyna’s  office in Waco, according to prosecutors.

According to writer turned pianist,  Fredric Dannen,  HE copied all those files for Vic Feazell.  Feazell then turned them into  a website   http://www.lakewacomurders.com

Lake Waco Murders


Does anyone think that Feazell will turn over those files or simply instruct the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION to take his word for it all on his website?

Dannen also has copies of ALL the files and Dannen has over 300 tape recordings too.

Will Dannen turn over the files to the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION?

IF ever a case and its files were not kept properly or protected,  certainly it is this one.

   Chain of Custody anyone?

Books, blogs, and information all became possessions of men and egos, justice, truly went out the door.

You can bet that if this DNA clears the Melendez brothers and David Spence,  Feazell, Reaves, AND Dannen will have a lot of explaining to do.






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