October 21, 2015

Anthony Melendez

Polunsky Unit

Livingston, Texas


Dear Mr. Melendez,

I wanted to let you know the latest development in your case.  I have made arrangements with a lab in Texas to do all the additional testing on a pro bono basis.  They are willing to work with us, and do whatever needs to be done to finish this.  This is an extremely positive development and one I did not expect.  I am currently in the process of having the evidence transferred there.

The only possible sticking point may be the payment of the outstanding balance with the current lab.  I have asked for that, and hopefully we will be able to take care of that.  I have gone ahead and requested that everything be transferred, and hoping they will do so without having to receive payment first.  If not, I will let you know.

I will let you know as soon as the evidence is at the new location.  In the meantime,  if you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very truly yours,

Walter Reaves, Jr.


“This is an extremely positive development and one I did not expect”…Walter Reaves


Of course Mr. Reaves did not expect this development,  he has done nothing to further the cause of the DNA, or Melendez’s case.

Reaves did not file a COMPLAINT with the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION on behalf of his client, Anthony Melendez.

Instead,  Melendez, himself filed his own COMPLAINT with the COMMISSION.

Reaves has refused help from Senator Rodney Ellis, who offered to help Reaves in 2010.

The Commission believes, as do I,  that reviews of these cases should be public,  out in the open.

Reaves has not written Melendez since this October letter so we do not know if the Arkansas lab has been paid or not,  naturally, as with everyting else about THIS case,  Walter Reaves remains quiet,  still hoping no one will realize that his paralegal/author,   Fredric Dannen has all the EVIDENCE in the Lake Case and won’t give it to Reaves.

Fredric Dannen,  now a Chamber Music Pianist in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico will not respond to any questions, however,  Public Information Requests and Attorney General’s Opinions have shown Mr. Dannen thinks of this case, the tapes, and the DNA as his “work product”,  fighting against Public Information Requests saying that after he spent $30K having preliminary DNA run, Dannen says he has a   “proprietary interest” in keeping results secret.










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