September 16, 2015

Anthony Melendez  #378525

Livingston, Texas

Dear Mr. Melendez,

I wanted to update you on a couple of things concerning your case.

As you probably know, the FORENSIC SCIENCE COMMISSION has a complant that originated from the Joe Sidney Williams and Calvin Washington case concerning bite mark testimony.  In talking with the Commission, I believe that complant is going to generate a review of other cases, which would include the Lake Waco cases.  While bite marks were not directly involved in your case, it certainly was an issue, since it was a major piece of the State’s case against David Spence.  I believe the lake Waco case s will be considered part of that review, and I have also discussed that with the National Innocence Project.

I have also discussed with them some assistance in continuing with your case, especially in funding.  I am scheduled to talk with them more at the next Forensic Science Commission meeting on October 2, and see what their thoughts are on that.  I believe that could be a positive development, which now may be a more viable option because of bite mark review.

I will keep you posted as I find out more.  In the meantime, I continue to wish you the best.

Very truly yours,

Walter M. Reaves, Jr.

By the time Mr. Reaves wrote Melendez, this letter,  Representative John Wray already had the Forensics Science Commission’s attention.  Mr. Reaves, in his desperate effort to make us all forget he has had DNA lying around in that California lab since 1999,  uses the word, “I”  eight time in this three paragraph letter.

When he says that “while bite marks were not directly involved in your case”, it was certainly an issue.

Wow, no kidding.  Besides bite marks,  jailhouse snitch testimony, and lies,  what else did the State have?

How could the case of the Lake Murder NOT be connected with Juanita White?

It is also quite interesting that Mr. Reaves attempts to deflect his client’s demands about those tapes once again.


We believe that Mr. Reaves cannot get Mr. Dannen,  securely living in Mexico, playing Chamber Music, to give him the tapes!

Still hanging in there for a big book finish,  Dannen,  doesn’t want to give tapes to Reaves as, once again,  Dannen considers them HIS.

Tapes, Tapes, Mr. Reaves, where are those tapes?

  FIVE tape recordings of prosecutors putting words in to Melendez’s mouth and they are “work product” for Mr. Dannen?  Worse,  only vaguely mentioned in the CLEMENCY PETITION.

Mr. Dannen, who wrote the CLEMENCY PETITION,  not an attorney,    chided the prosecutors for tape recording the Grand Jury  (page 13 Exhibit 36)  but   glided over the prosecutors getting Melendez to cop to killing Raylene Rice as though it were nothing.

    Prosecutor:  We have to have him killing………….somebody

   Other:  Let’s have him killing Raylene………

   Melendez:  I killed Raylene

  Mr. Dannen and Mr. Reaves forget that their client,   Anthony Melendez,   was THERE. 

Melendez did not find out from his own lawyer, Reaves, nor from Dannen, that there even WERE TAPES of him confessing.  He found out from a 78 year old woman,  Jan Thompson.

Imagine,   Melendez thought all this time that he had “dreamed it”. 

Melendez is angry and rightfully so.

He finds out Vic Feazell taped many people and many conversations in his office when he was DA, including those confessions,   Dannen has them,  Reaves knows,  and these tapes were refused to be included in Senator Rodney Ellis’  “false confession” Hearings a few years ago?

  Mr. Reaves, Mr. Dannen,   where are those tapes?

Have those tapes been handed over to the Forensics Commission like your client has demanded?

Anthony Melendez has written to Representative John Wray himself and asked Representative Wray to help him not only with DNA, but also, with getting those tape recordings out of the possession of a writer who thinks that he owns all DNA and information because he invested $30K  15 years ago.

Dannen and Reaves have failed in their efforts to keep their own client in the dark,   now enlightened,  Anthony Melendez has rebelled.

Melendez himself has written the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION, not trusting his attorney to do what needs to be done,   not only running the DNA but also getting the tapes.

  Question:  Mr. Reaves,   do you have the tapes or does Dannen refuse giving them to you?

Chances are with someone finally brave enough to ask Representative Wray,   Mr. Reaves and Mr. Dannen might just have to answer these glaringly obvious questions in the near future.

Attorney Walter Reaves, Waco, Texas



  1. I find it curious that Mr. Reaves calls the Innocence Project of American the “National Innocence Project”. Since the resignation of IPOT President, Jeff Blackburn, who chided the Innocence Project of America as he left his position along with Vice President Gary Udashen. Walter Reaves, who somehow through this sad legal saga, has rocketed in the Innocence Project of Texas ranks from Treasurer to Vice President. Interesting for a man with TWO affirmed Grievances in 2009. Most lawyers go to their grave without EVER having a Grievance printed in the Bar Journal. Anyway, it seems Mr. Reaves doesn’t want to call the Innocence Project of America by its usual name and actually make Melendez feel better knowing he is in the hands of Barry Scheck and the others who are the ones that got MORTON and others out. NOT this Innocence Project of Texas bunch. I guess rumbles with State Bar of Texas don’t stop much of anything with the old crew of the IPOT, after all, Blackburn had his day in Court with the State Bar too.

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