Waxahachie Representative John Wray: A True Texas Hero

If ever there was a  story that  needed a hero, it is the Lake Waco Triple Murder.

Jan Thompson, aunt of Lake Murder victim,  Jill Montgommery,  in her quest for the simple truth via DNA, has gone to many people for help in what seems to many to be a simple case of basic subtraction and a situation begging for a man with common sense.  Unfortunately,  time after time,  people in positions to help have not.

Case in point:  Senator Rodney Ellis, Democrat,  Houston, Texas

The formerly heroic Senator Ellis,  known by reputation as a defender of the innocent and poor,  really  dropped the ball on this one.  Contacted many times in person and by letter since 2011,  Senator Ellis has ignored this case and questionably has not seen fit to quiz members of the Innocence Project of Texas about this case.

Happily,  taken out of the hands of the lawyers,   this case is now in the hands of the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION.

Anthony Melendez, in a letter to his attorney,   Innocence Project VICE PRESIDENT,  Walter Reaves,   demanded that Reaves take his case to the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION.  He also asked that they “run the DNA” and Melendez has told Reaves in writing to “take the tapes to the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION“.

It makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER for the Commission to go after only “bite marks” in the Lake Waco case when there is obvious DNA sitting in Arkansas,  that has not been run against the DNA of Spence, Melendez, or Deeb.

The case of Juanita White (mother of David Wayne Spence)  has already fallen to the wayside by DNA clearing of Calvin Washington and the overturning of the case of Joe Sidney Williams.

Senator Rodney Ellis and his Chief of Staff, Brandon Dudley,   merely decided that those who have questions about the handling of the case are “nuts”.

One must wonder IF and when the DNA comes back and clears the Lake Murder defendants how Senator Ellis is going to explain the obvious lack of interest.

Representative John Wray      hand delivered   a letter to Senator Rodney Ellis   himself, then informed Jan Thompson that he believed Senator Ellis would soon be contacting her soon to help.

You see, Representative John Wray is a   young   man,  still interested and still questioning.  Representative Wray is a lawyer and has grown up in Waxahachie where Jan Thompson is somewhat of an icon.  MANY people have questions about this case without the glaring question, “why hasn’t the DNA been run“?

Jan Thompson waited for Senator Ellis or someone from his office to contact her.

Months passed and there was nothing.

Jan Thompson called Representative Wray’s office again and in early September,  things began to happen.

The TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION is going to look at the case,  the National Innocence Project  has been contacted and thanks to Representative John Wray of Waxahachie, Texas,  a woman who deserves to know the truth, Jan Thompson, finally will.  Wray, instead of berating and questioning motives of those involved, has seen evidence and knows “ridiculous” when it is served up.  Representative Wray,  when faced with the DNA of this important case going to a lab in Arkansas in 2013,  not having samples from the convicted,  run on a whim by a lawyer with a New York writer as Puppetmaster,  was as confused as the rest of us.


  We would like to thank Representative Wray, finally a true hero in a saga that sorely needed one!

Representative John Wray


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