Bite Marks Bite the Dust in Lake Waco Case


Anthony Melendez,  in a letter to the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION September 9, 2015, has asked the Commission to not only.  look into the bite mark evidence in the Lake Waco Triple Murder, but also,  he has asked that the Commission listen to the tape recordings described in the CLEMENCY PETITION and other tapes to see if there are conversations with the Forensic Dentist, Homer Campbell, now deceased.

Melendez also asked that the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION  insist upon the running of the DNA, which has been sitting dormant for over 13 years.

Anxious for the DNA to be run,  Melendez gave his DNA sample to Reaves in a March 2015 meeting, 7 months ago.

The TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION meets again November 16, 2015 to take up the bite mark evidence,  we look forward to the results of the DNA and the findings of the Commission.


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