No DNA from Lake Murder Defendants    (click on to see letter from Dannen admitting he has no one’s DNA samples)

Fredric Dannen in a recent interview has revealed that HE is doing the fund raising.  He says he enjoys the fund raising and he has “no money” left because HE paid for the DNA and other things in the Lake Waco Murder Case.

WHY hasn’t any Journalist written about how very wrong this is for a Journalist with a monetary interest in the outcome of an Appeal and running of DNA for Innocence has a definite conflict?

Dannen, in order to deflect blame for doing nothing for 15 years along with his cohort lawyer Walter Reaves, says that other people are being “paid off” to either cause trouble or do nothing.  This is highly interesting since Dannen has the tapes and other evidence IN MEXICO.

 Dannen has not had a JOB in over twenty years,   spending his time in San Miguel Mexico as the lap cat for a wealthy couple, and being supported financially by his 90 year old father.

Playing Chamber Music for about 30 people in an Episcopalian church in Mexico is not anyone’s idea of doing the right thing by Tony Melendez.  Dannen, a man in his late 50’s likes the retired gringo lifestyle of San Miguel and must fit in quite well with the retirees there.

Melendez writes in a letter, “I do not like Dannen, I never have, I can’t get my lawyer to make Fredric Dannen leave my case alone,  My lawyer won’t fire him as a paralegal and it seems Dannen runs the show, I do not want this but my lawyer won’t write me back or get rid of the writer”.

Dannen wants everything on this case, secret.


 So that when and if he has a book it will have something new and he can make monies after that?

Is he really so scared of Truman Simons, even after 20 years?  What about other people?

IF Dannen is so scared of Simons he (Dannen) should hand over his evidence to people who are not as scared and sensitive as he is, after all, Dannen is a pianist first and a writer second.

Dannen could easily raise monies to have the DNA finally run, he just doesn’t.  It’s Dannen’s way or the highway and he holds on to everything even at the expense of Anthony Melendez.

See the attached letter from Dannen.  Read the evidence for yourself and question what is going on here.

If Dannen would ask Brian Pardo, Waco Businessman, to have Pardo’s company’s  “Charitable Foundation” pay for the DNA, they certainly would.  Dannen just picks and choses what HE wants with no oversight from lawyer Reaves and Dannen does not care what Melendez, the only living defendant left from the case, wants.

Where is the Innocence Project in all this?  Is this the typical way the run things?



  1. This waiting game is getting old. HOWEVER, I am willing to Wait as long as it takes to get the TRUTH concerning The 1982 Triple Murder of three teenagers at LAKE WACO, TX.

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