Public Information Request Reveals Lawyer Reaves/author Dannen did not have their own client’s DNA until March 2015!

Anthony Melendez told many of us in March that lawyer Reaves went to the Polunsky Unit to get a sample of his (Melendez’s) DNA.

A recent Public Information Request from Tarrant County reveals that Mr. Dannen fought a 2010 Public Information Request from Cindy Culp of the Waco Tribune Herald, calling the DNA  “proprietary ownership” because a “third party”, Mr. Dannen, paid for the testing.

This confirms that Dannen thinks the DNA is HIS possession because he paid 30K to have it run back in 2001.

February 15, 2001 Dannen writes to Patricia Eddings of Tarrant County Forensics:

” I believe you will be sending Dr. Melton the known exemplar hairs from all three victims.  Please also send hairs from Spence and the Melendez brothers, if you have them.  I hope to get a blood sample from Spence’s brother and Gilbert and Tony’s mother, which are less costly to work with, but it’s good to have the backup”

In yet another amazing letter to Pat Eddings in 2001, Dannen writes:

“At the moment, I am finding it difficult to locate Steve Spence, the brother of David.  His phone is disconnected.  So as a backup it would be good to get the known hairs of David Spence to Dr. Melton.  Both Gilbert and Tony will have the same mtDNA, and their mother is still living so     I am less concerned about those samples.  But if you have them, you may as well transfer them as well.  Thanks!  Fred”

We now can prove that Lawyer Reaves and the author Fred Dannen HAD samples from WHO THEY THOUGHT DID THE MURDERS but not their own client.

A Public Information Request shows that known samples were taken and sent to Tarrant County, then on to Arkansas Genomics in 2013, those samples were from John David Wilkins, Bubba Wilkins, Marion Keith Boatman and Terrence (Tab) Harper.

According to Melendez after Reaves’ visit,     the DNA did not match   the Wilkins cousins, Boatman, nor Harper.

How does the Innocence Project of Texas run an investigation where the client’s DNA has not even been gathered?

Since Anthony Melendez has a terminal illness and Melendez’s own mother is undergoing cancer therapy, I suppose ti’s nice that they finally got Melendez’s DNA in 2015.

Where is the press?  Where is TEXAS MONTHLY?  Why hasn’t a reporter asked the questions we all want to know?

Is it because of Dannen’s past glory?  Does the “good old boys” system go beyond lawyers, doctors, and judges?  It also goes to Journalists?

How is it right on any level for a journalist to even claim a “propriety ownership” of DNA?

The families of the victims, Melendez’s own mother, and the people of Texas deserve some answers.

Where is the Innocence Project of Texas?

Sad days for Justice out of Waco, folks.


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