Have we lost the Right to Question?

When Senator Rodney Ellis had meetings on “false confessions” om 2010, many people went to Fredric Dannen and IPOT attorney Walter Reaves and asked them  to include Anthony Melendez in that Legislative Session.

Not only did Dannen refuse, he chewed everyone out, refused to answer any questions AND when asked about the tapes, left people just hanging, he would not “confirm”, their existence in his possession.

Dannen and Reaves say that Tony’s supporters, and Tony himself, have put “privilege information” on the internet.

They ignore that Anthony Melendez, their own unhappy client,  is the one who sends his correspondence because he does not trust Reaves/Dannen.


Lawyer  Reaves  went to get it from Tony in Spring of 2015 in a surprise visit to the Polunsky Unit.

Reaves and Dannen  had  DNA samples from Wilkins, Wilkins, Terry Harper, and Boatman, who     they    thought  did the crime but not from Tony himself?  Tony says that Wilkins, Wilkins, Harper and Boatman were “eliminated”, too bad TONY himself wasn’t.

Tony wrote Reaves more than once,  telling him that he (Tony) did not believe he had   ever   given a DNA sample.  He asked Reaves if Reaves had DNA from the others.  No reply.

One would also ask, does Mr. Reaves or the Innocence Project of Texas have the DNA samples from David Wayne Spence?  No, Spence died before these things were done.

Gilbert Melendez?  No and he’s dead too.

Muneer Deeb?  Dead.

They are angry because we question them, yet, how can anyone with any sense at all not see that this is some kind of very strange secret that IPOT, Walter Reaves, Fredric Dannen, just let continue with no end in sight.

A Public Information Request to the Innocence Project of Texas was sent asking them if the “DNA HAD BEEN FUNDED”, their pat answer when questioned is  “funding is always a problem”.

 They wrote this blog back and said they didn’t have to answer and didn’t.

   Interestingly enough, FRED DANNEN paid for $30K of DNA testing, himself,  that seemed to be okay, not a conflict, even though he is the “paralegal” for Skip Reaves, do you not think that if people knew the truth about this case needed funding that they would fund it?

Could this be a conflict?  Did Dannen get an “Advance” then go to Mexico?  He surely took the Soros Grant and didn’t deliver.

Don’t think Anthony Melendez hasn’t asked either.  Melendez is forced to send Reaves “return receipt requested” letters and it  takes hours to hand write a letter, he never hears back unless it’s RRR.

So, one must ask, who is running the show?

Are we still waiting on FRED’s Dannen, the famous New York Times Best Selling Author’s    Book for justice?

I don’t think so.


3 thoughts on “Have we lost the Right to Question?

  1. It is hard to believe that DNA sent for testing in 2001 has no results. If Mr Dannen paid $30,000.00 for “that”, he isn’t as smart as I used to think he was ! Isn’t there ANYONE ELSE who wants to know what is going on? If so, join us and ask questions.

  2. If you will read instead of just writing incessantly with nothing new behind it you would find that Homer Campbell has been totally discredited AND bite mark evidence is out. OUT. Lake Waco Murder convictions solely on bite marks, bite marks are out so what anyone has said is not evidence. What people say is NOT evidence no matter how badly you want it to be. READ, your badgering of Jan Thompson just shows who you are and how delusional you have become only talking to yourself. Homer Campbell, bite marks, out. go to Texas Forensics Commission and read. Here is the link
    http://www.fsc.texas.gov/ Try surrounding yourself with people who don’t depend on you because of money or just go along with you to keep the peace. The truth has been found, bite marks out. If you want to hang on to jailhouse testimony, go ahead, that falls to the wayside next year when the Texas Forensics Commission gets rid of that also. We know who you are, you can be condescending and pretend but we know better. There will be more, and the truth is there, it’s on tape. All Anthony Melendez needs is an attorney who is young. These old man lawyers aren’t worth talking to.

    • The Texas Forensic Science Commission already declared that Spence fit their “criteria”, in their February 2016 meeting, it is online as they stream their meetings. Not Harry Storm, not the Innocence Project, the Texas Forensics Commission. They picked Spence as their case to investigate because it fit the criteria. Please read their site. THEY decided that there was no other REAL evidence against Spence except bite marks. That was decided last year. You can read about it and argue with them about it by going to their website.

      This is a new area of law, please look up Writ of Habeus Corpus, “Writ of Apocalypse” tweaked in 2015.

      Steven Mark Chaney’s case already went to the Fifth Circuit also. It is now in the THIRD CIRCUIT and Chaney is waiting for “actual innocence”, those are the words that have taken the place of “discredit guilt”.
      Bite marks are out. Chaney’s case with Campbell as the expert has fallen, it’s just not official yet, once it falls, Spence is right behind.

      What people say is not evidence.


      The ship has sailed, Texas Forensics Commission has a bite mark panel that will go through Spence, and others next year. Garcia called some of the cases “egregious”, and, they are also going to look at the case of Juanita White.

      New law they had to pass because so many people were being exonerated by DNA after being put into prison by bite marks.

      If you need to get some CLE’s, see if you can go and see Lynn Garcia or one of the Members of the Commission. Many lawyers were totally in the dark about this new area of law and they are just now teaching attorneys about it. Garcia spoke at the State Bar Convention in Las Vegas in July to begin their education on this.

      When the Commission was created the back and forth flack about their then Chairman, Bradley, was so intense that people didn’t see the laws passed behind it all.


      Chaney went through the Fifth Circuit in 1989.http://law.justia.com/cases/texas/fifth-court-of-appeals/1989/05-87-01371-cr-6.html

      Now he sits in the Third Circuit waiting for “actual innocence”.

      What I say isn’t evidence. Read the sites, read the law. It’s new.

      Texas Forensics Commission says no other evidence in Spence besides bite marks, Feb. 2016.

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