Walter Reaves gets DNA sample from Anthony Melendez March 2015

Ft. Worth Request 9-6-14  Public Information Request showing the names of who Reaves and writer Dannen “think” did the Lake Waco Triple Murder

Anthony Melendez knew he never gave a DNA sample.  He just knew it.  He wrote to Walter “Skip” Reaves, his WACO attorney and asked him several times when he was going to get a DNA sample.

No replies did Melendez receive.

Melendez also believed that his brother Gilbert Melendez died before DNA was taken from him and also the same for David Spence and Muneer Deeb.

We have been waiting since April 3, 2013 for DNA to be run after it was sent to the ARKANSAS LAB, now we know that lawyer Reaves and New York Times Best Selling author, Fredric Dannen, don’t have DNA samples from their own client and the other co defendants, now deceased.

How does this work?

After sending Reaves a Return Receipt Requested letter, instead of writing Melendez back, Reaves, for the first time in about ten years, went to see Melendez and HE (Reaves) took a DNA sample from Melendez himself.

Question:  Is that sample that the lawyer on his own took good enough to stand up in Court?

Melendez says that Reaves told him that he (Reaves) and New York writer, Dannen, were sure the “real killers” were Terry Harper, John David Wilkins, Marion Keith Boatman and “Bubba” Wilkins, that he and the writer had DNA from these men, Harper, Wilkins, Wilkins, and Boatman, run but     not Melendez’s.

Sincerely, one would think that a Criminal Law Specialist like Reaves would have his OWN CLIENT’S DNA sample,  however,  in this story of Texas Justice  that is not the case

A New York writer runs this show from San Miguel de Allende Mexico, not lawyer Reaves it seems, since no one can get any answers, including Melendez himself.

This has gone on for over 20 years, Melendez deserves to have HIS DNA RUN, not who lawyer Reaves and writer Dannen want it to be for a future book.

Where is the Innocence Project of Texas?

They do not seem to care, AND, now we have another Journalist/lawyer as the head of it.

Everything has been done to protect writer, Fredric Dannen and his non existent book.

That the Innocence Project of Texas lets this go on is amazing too.

Welcome to Texas!!


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