Have we lost the Right to Question?

When Senator Rodney Ellis had meetings on “false confessions” om 2010, many people went to Fredric Dannen and IPOT attorney Walter Reaves and asked them  to include Anthony Melendez in that Legislative Session. Not only did Dannen refuse, he chewed everyone out, refused to answer any questions AND when asked about the tapes, left people … Continue reading

Fredric Dannen, takes money from Soros League for book, hides in Mexico

“Dannen is completing a nonfiction book on David Wayne Spence, an innocent man executed by the state of Texas” Soros Justice League Grant 2005 Fredric Dannen in San Miguel de Allende Mexico also see:  Fredric Dannen Chamber Music San Miguel De Allende, Mexico http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/about/programs/us-programs/grantees/fredric-dannen Open Society Foundations Fredric Dannen Fredric Dannen Year 2005 Location Austin, … Continue reading