LAKE WACO DNA, where are you?

Today is the 27th. of August, the specimens from the Lake Waco Murder went to the Arkansas lab April 2, 2013.

Efforts to contact Walter Reaves, the attorney for Anthony Melendez, have failed, and Fredric Dannen the writer/paralegal, still is sticking to his story about being “scared” of Texans so he is living in Mexico.

Yes, he is living in Mexico because he is scared of people in Texas, this is obvious from his statements to TEXAS MONTHLY’s Michael Hall, printed in their April issue.

It is laughable to a Texan that a New Yorker is afraid for his life in TEXAS, yet, Mexico where there seems to be nothing but bad news and decapitations and death, he is comfy there.

WHAT is this man’s source of income?  I notice he has had no books since his “accident of youth” book, “Hong Kong Babylon”, and “Hit Men”.

Interestingly enough, HIT MEN is about the mob.  Guess he wasn’t scared of the mob either, just Texas folks.

The lawyer, Reaves, also did not seem to be forthcoming to TEXAS MONTHLY, however, he didn’t seem to mind talking for a good while in front of the camera in last year’s independent film about Cameron Todd Willingham, done magnificently by FRONTLINE.

Tony himself was told that the DNA was going to be revealed “in two weeks”, this he told me by letter, a sad letter dated in December of last year.  As of this writing, still nothing and he cannot get his own attorney and the paralegal/writer to tell him the truth.  He has been told by Dannen via letter that the DNA “is somewhere in Dallas”.

A Public Information request to the Dallas County DA’s office and to the Southwest Forensics institute has been returned yesterday with no results.  No DNA in Dallas County.  Today, once again we have fired off another request to Ft. Worth as we try to support Tony by going behind the back of his lawyer and a writer.

Does this seem strange to you?

If you have a few questions, I urge you to write to Tony Melendez’s lawyer who seems to have many secrets, his email address is walterreaves@att.net, the writer can be reached at dannen@earthlink.net and fdannen@csi.com.

Many people say that Dannen and Reaves have been “paid off”.  I find this ridiculous, however, one must begin to wonder as time goes by and no one is told anything.

Anthony Melendez’s mother is very ill.  She has cancer.  She would like to know the results of the DNA and this is a pitiful thing that this woman cannot get a lawyer to tell her the truth after all this time.

If you are as frustrated as the rest of us are about this, please let us know or write the attorney or Dannen.

The public has a right to know.

WHERE IS THE DNA and what on earth is happening.

One has to wonder that even if it is favorable if all this wrangling and sending here and there has destroyed the chain of custody to begin with, perhaps, this is what Reaves knows and hopes he can just skate………..

It is a sad time when the public has lost the right to even question.


9 thoughts on “LAKE WACO DNA, where are you?

  1. All I have ever wanted is to know the truth. Is that too much to ask for from the man who claimed to have ALL that is needed to prove who REALLY killed our teenagers on July 13, 1982

    • The name of that man is Fredric Dannen. He has led me to believe, he has “the answer’s”. Now, 17 years later, he chooses to “hide”!! JUST WANT THE TRUTH !

  2. I think it’s pretty clear that there is a match. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be waiting for four years now. They would have gotten another lab. In fact, I read that the attorney and Dannen WANTED the lab to send the specimens to yet another lab, and that’s how all this started … you don’t go digging for new labs if the results are what you want/expect.

    • They did not have a sample from Anthony Melendez until March 2015. They also got a blood sample from Steve Spence but only about a year and a half ago.

      If the specimens matched, Walter Reaves has an obligation to come forward and let that be known.

      If the DNA shows they did it then the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION needs to know that.

      Too bad there are no files at the DA’s office, although Mr. Feazell has his “personal files”, wonder if he will make those available to the Forensics Commission?

  3. If you will read the COURT ORDER and look at the documents attached you will see quite clearly that the DNA etc. have NEVER been in the hands of Dannen and Reaves, the Chain of Custody is there, you can see the Receipts from the UPS to the Labs and back right there. Dannen and Reave have NEVER had them. They went from David Chapman to the lab in Dallas with Jan Thompson and her family with Chapman. Truman’s stories about “we always knew there was a third one”, about Calvin Williams and the Juanita White murder, and “even with DNA that doesn’t mean Spence and the Melendez weren’t there”, for the Lake Murder (how many people do you think can actually FIT into a van/truck, follow the evidence not what Truman tells you. He likes being the big hero, doesn’t want to give it up but it’s time. Reaves and Dannen have never had possession of the DNA. The UTCHI lab in Ft. Worth specializes in CODIS, if the DNA doesn’t match any of the “known samples”, they would use CODIS. Follow evidence not a man’s empty words.

  4. Wish the DNA results are out soon and hope that Tony Melendez gets free if the the DNA results exclude him. Prayers go out to the families of victims and hope that the real truth will come out soon.

    • Thank you for writing. Bite mark evidence is out. The Lake Waco Triple Murder was based on bite marks and the testimony of Homer Campbell, no other evidence whatsoever. Soon, the case will officially fall, you can also look for Anthony Melendez to get new representation in the near future we pray.

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