Harper or Bust!

Michael Hall’s “Murders at the Lake” in TEXAS MONTHLY was just what we needed to bring the DNA, or absence of, back into the spotlight.
I was curious about something so I wrote to Anthony Melendez himself and asked him.
Imagine, neither the New York Times Best selling author, Fredric Dannen, NOR, his own attorney, Walter “Skip” Reaves, has ever gotten a DNA sample from Tony himself. To make perfectly sure, Melendez actually wrote and asked Reaves, who wrote him back that they knew where he was if they wanted his DNA.

They have Harper’s DNA, remember he died in a shootout with Sheriff’s deputies and his body was sent to Dallas Forensics where they saved his DNA.  

How does this work?

Do they have DNA from Spence already?
What about the Wilkins brothers, DNA?
We know they don’t have it from Tony…what about Gilbert’s?

Since Reaves and Dannen don’t want to discuss the case for what seems to be fear of THEIR lives at the expense of their client’s freedom and/or rights, who can answer these simple questions?

Anyone wishing to write to the writer, Fredric Dannen, his email is dannen@earthlink.net

He doesn’t feel he has to answer anyone.

It’s amazing how no one involved including those who are supposed to be the “good guys”, Dannen and Reaves, will talk.

“Those who would trade Justice for safety, deserve neither”



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