Lake Waco Murders Media

Lake Waco Murders Media.


3 thoughts on “Lake Waco Murders Media


    DATE: January 16, 2013

    TO: Bernadette Feazell
    VIA EMAIL: bfeazell@yahoo.com

    FROM: Ashley D. Fourt, Assistant District Attorney
    Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office
    (817) 884-1233; (817) 884-1675 – Facsimile

    SUBJECT: Response to Your Public Information Request

    This memo is written to inform you that the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office is in receipt of your public information request directed to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office. In response to your request, please be advised that the TEXAS PUBLIC INFORMATION ACT does not require a governmental body [i.e. Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office] to comply with a request for information from:
     an individual who is imprisoned or confined in a correctional facility; or,
     an agent of that individual, other than the individual’s attorney — when the attorney is seeking information that is subject to disclosure under Chapter 552 of the TEXAS GOVERNMENT CODE.

    See TEX. GOV’T CODE §552.028(a) (Vernon 2012) of the ACT.
    Although you are correct that the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office is in possession of evidence concerning this case, no testing has been performed nor has any testing been requested by any party in this case. ADF/mps

  2. This has been week five of waiting out DNA that has not even been ordered to have a test run. Certainly, there should be some news. If there is a “Consultant” also looking at this why isn’t there a notation saying this by the Forensics people?

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