Waiting out DNA Week 1

This week, a California Forensics Scientist has finally decided to hand over valued DNA evidence to Texas on a Texas Case,  the famous Lake Waco Triple Murder.

Those of us who have either read CARELESS WHISPERS by Carlton Stowers, 1986 winner of Best True Crime, or lived in Waco during the time of the murders and prosecution of David Wayne Spence, Anthony Melendez, Gilbert Melendez, and Muneer Deeb, have a renewed interest in this case since the announcement in 2011 that there was a   chance  that the wrong men were convicted.

If these defendants were wrongly convicted, that means David Wayne Spence will be the first case of a man being proven innocent post mortem in history.

With the evidence now at the Forensics Lab in Tarrant county, we begin a DNA watch, did they or didn’t they?

Updates from the Waco Press and others will be posted on this blog.

So, let’s wait this out together, any thoughts?



21 thoughts on “Waiting out DNA Week 1

    • No one seems to be very worried or concerned about this. It’s amazing that even TEXAS MONTHLY cannot get these folks to budge about what is going on with this case.
      Doesn’t seem right to me. You know what we know and what Anthony Melendez knows.

    • Walter Reaves just got Anthony Melendez’s DNA sample in March of 2015. Reaves and Dannen were so sure they knew who did it they ran the DNA against Tab Harper’s DNA, the two Wilkins cousins, and Marion Keith Boatman, results…no match. NOW we are waiting for lawyer Reaves to run DNA on Melendez. IF that ever happens. We believe Reaves is incompetent and Dannen has no scruples. He took the advance money and went to Mexico to play chamber music.

  1. It is now March of 2017. Has there been any progress on DNA since all of the men convicted (falsely, imo) are now dead? Walter Reaves should have taken care of this years ago! And I’ve not seen hide nor hair of the book Dannen has already been paid for. This has been a 35 year travesty of justice.

    • Dear Perri,
      Some, not all, of the DNA was run but Reaves and his buddy Dannen the “Puppetmaster” waited too long to run it and the results came back as “too degraded”. They did NOT run Jill’s fingernail clippings! Duhhh! Dannen swears his book is coming out but he has sworn that for almost 20 years. THEY all think that their info is theirs and forget that this isn’t a story with characters, the people are REAL and have suffered. Reaves and Dannen are just as bad as Feazell and Simons. Poor Anthony Melendez died waiting for Dannen’s book. Dannen hasn’t worked in over 12 years just stays in San Miguel where he lives off his historical reputation. Waco PD didn’t share their info with others, the DA’s office surely didn’t and it’s a shame. Just know, it’s not over yet.

  2. Dannon and Reaves are surely puppet masters and frauds,they created fake stories, speculation including me, Dannon spoke with me for lengthy period of time, stole a soda can i drank out of, I was cleared by DNA testing by these two mental giants but yet still my name is being mentioned in this never ending BS by these two in order to create doubt for a payday for the convicted murderers survivors now, who were convicted rightfully, you can’t create doubt, without creating lies to turn heads, what a pair of liars and jackals

      • I dont know who you are, and how you are related to all this Dannon-Reaves false propaganda

    • No one was cleared to our knowledge by DNA testing. The samples from the murder were degraded, we assume that the samples from who Dannen and Reaves think did the crime are intact. Also, if you look at the letter from Dannen to the Tarrant County Forensics lab you will see where fibers taken from the carpet of that same black van were compared to those of Kenneth Franks’ bedroom and the results were (according to the letter from Dannen, “favorable for Anthony Melendez”. David Spence will be cleared via bite marks alone very soon, check this site

      http://www.fsc.texas.gov and you will see that they are investigating ALL bitemark cases, especially David Wayne Spence and Juanita White. Even the President’s “Bite Mark Commission” says bite marks are junk. Spence was convicted on bite marks alone, all the inmate talk means nothing. bite marks out, Spence case out. It’s just that simple.

      Reaves and Dannen are cowards and liars. Reaves, one poor excuse for a lawyer and Dannen just a washed up writer now playing Chanber Music for concerts in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Dannen says he’s just too scared of Truman Simons to come back and give up his “work product”.

      This case is not going away, it’s just getting started.

      Truman Simons and Vic Feazell lie. Reaves and Dannen lie. The truth is in the evidence.

      Harry Storm says, ‘RUN JILL’s FINGERNAIL CLIPPINGS”.

      • A nice read, my whole point is….I was never even a suspect, or even considered, and never will be, other than the web of deception created by Dannon and Reaves, in order to create doubt…My name becoming involved in this mess because of these two incompetent liars borders slander, and libel lawsuit against both. I can google this situation and find my name everywhere because of these idiots. anybody know a good lawyer?

  3. Perhaps they got the can to EXCLUDE you from any DNA in the van, that’s what I would think. How can you sue? Didn’t you own the van? Who was your girlfriend at the time? Harper’s sister? Fibers consistent with Kenneth Franks’ carpet were found in that van, your van, you want to sue? Sue who?

    • Exactly what I’m talking about lol I see you are part of the Dannon-Reaves misinformation mill…I have never in my life owned a black van, easily verifiable, Terry Harper’s sisters ex boyfriend prior to me owned a black van prior to me….I gave that information to Dannon to try and help the van be located and it never has been, so your carpet fiber BS is just that, more misinformation , exactly my point…my only wrong was believing the lies of Cannon and me attempting to help if I was able, to free up innocent people if they were….only bite marks convicted Spence you say? More lies…what about Melendez giving testimony against Spence….Then this B’S about Melendez recanting years later? Yeah whatever, There’s is nothing in this would, that would make me confess, testify, and agree to a life sentence of something I was innocent of like he did….conspiracy mongers and a nest of liers is all I’ve seen and been victimized by

      • Yes, they used inmate testimony but what people say is not evidence.
        If bite marks was NOT the only evidence used, the Texas Forensics Commission could and would not be using this case in their “Bite Mark Panel” of experts, any other evidence, real evidence (finger print, hair, for example) and they would not have taken this case. Please read the Texas forensics commission as what Harry says isn’t right unless Harry can back it up, this time, if you’ll just go to the Texas Forensics Commission site and look at the “bite mark panel”, you will see that what I have told you is true. We only go by paperwork we can prove. What people say, even Truman Simons, is NOT evidence. Please read this, it has been very enlightening.


    • Once again just like Dannon was told…The Boyfriend prior to me who owned and could be contacted about the van was John Watson…Not Keith Boatman, now you see my disgust for all the misinformation out there, via Dannon/Reaves in order to do nothing but create doubt for guilty clients?

  4. Wow. Dannen and Reaves don’t answer questions, they seem to have created a stir then run out of steam. We hope that they run DNA, fingernail clippings from Jill Montgomery have never been tested and they are still there. We are sorry Dannen and Reaves did this to you, they care for no one.

    • I totally agree and like I said, Google this mess and my name is all in it, why? Their fabrications

  5. You’re welcome, it was just fact and truth to help you see though the mud and misinformation

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